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Best choice when there is not a lot of choices

Pros Most compact of sit & stands; sturdy construction; universal car seat holder; many color choices
Cons Hard-to-access storage basket, no cupholder, reduced space for older child when infant carrier is used.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Best choice when you have a preschooler and infant; good quality and features for the price
After doing extensive research online and by talking to other moms, I recently purchased this stroller to use with my 2 1/2 year old and my newborn. This was the best choice for us when there really was not a lot of choices. My 2 1/2 year old is big (38 lbs. and 36 inches tall), so most of the traditional double tandem strollers were not even options for us--my son is just too big to sit in a little seat that is meant for a baby. We chose this one over the Baby Trend sit and stand (the only other sit and stand stroller that was available in a local store we could try out) for the following reasons:
1. This stroller felt much sturdier and had less plastic parts than the Baby Trend. I know of someone who has the Baby Trend and it has tipped over a couple times when she has her infant in the front seat (using infant carrier) and her toddler is not in the back). It also was much easier to push and steer.
2. This one was a little smaller than the Baby Trend. I felt like I was pushing a bus with the Baby Trend--it was very long. The Joovy is more compact.
3. I thought this one looked a little better style-wise (of course, this is my personal opinion). I chose the blue check because it matched our infant carrier, but it also comes in red, orange, and solid black.

It is not a perfect stroller. The storage basket is a little difficult to access--best way to get at it is from the side. When using the infant car carrier, it does reduce the amount of space that you have in the back for your older child, however, not to the point that the child cannot sit. It does not have parent cup-holders/tray but I do not find this to be a big problem. The Baby Trend one does if that is very important to you. One thing to keep in mind, though, if you are looking at this type of stroller is that your child is going to be getting in and out from the back. If you have drinks right there on the handle, there is a good chance your child could knock it over and spill them. You can buy a drink holder from the joovy website that provides extra parent storage, FYI.

Overall, I felt like this was the best option for our family. The Joovy is a little more money ($30 more on average) than the Baby Trend but worth it in the extra quality and appearance.

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