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Not a good vacume cleaner.....

Pros It looks cool.
Cons Its heavy.
Recommended it? No
This machine, Hoover Windtunnel U5780 has had problems since the day I brought it home and used it for the first time.  The suction is weak at best.  It overheats and stops working after about 30 minutes.  After it overheats, it has to sit for about an hour and then it will start working again.  I also got very tired of cleaning the dust canister (it is a hassle).  Today, after my Windtunnel overheated, I got my old bissel upright out with a bag that I bought for $49 at Target and it worked much better (wow, it was getting my carpets clean - imagine that).  If you would like a Hover Windtunnel, there is a free one in relatively new condition on the curb in front of my house.  Hurry though trash pick-up is tomorrow.

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