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Holmes HOH2520 1500-Watt Compact Oil Filled Heater

Pros Very effective heater.
Cons Unit cannot be turned off. Power cord inadequate for 1500-watt appliance. Potential fire hazard.
Recommended it? No
This product is touted as "Tested Beyond UL Standards" but you'd think a minimal testing would reveal whether the on/off switched worked. It doesn't. The unit comes on when you plug it in and cannot be turned off and therefore you must unplug it to turn it off, which is rather inconvenient.

The manual says "To shut the unit off at any time, press and hold the mode button down for two seconds." This does nothing, but change the mode.

I bought two of these units, and they are both flawed in the same way.

They do put out the heat, though, no question about that. However, on full power, the cord and plug become quite warm, which suggests they are inadequate for the task. I've never run one of them for a long period of time, but I have to wonder how hot the cord and plug would get if I did.

I wouldn't buy one of thees knowing what I do now.

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