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Great Improvement!

Pros The beautiful 4" VGA touch screen is the best!
Cons No phone for those who want to multitask; for me not a con.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Buy it if you are using it for business; everything works as it should.
First off, let me say that I use my handheld EVERY DAY for work.  I am a primary care provider and I have software installed on my handheld to check medications, drug interactions, doses, etc.  This I use with each and every patient I see (so this handheld gets a great deal of daily use).  In addition, I get e-mail, I do a little web research, I print wirelessly, I occasionally listen to music or video, and I put personal photos on my handheld.  I have used the HP Ipaq handheld since about 1993 (it was a dinosaur, I can assure you).  I received in Enterprise 211 to replace an Hx 2795b which was a disaster.  I love my Enterprise 211.

What it does well:  This computer is fast, it's not buggy like my old one, it does what it's supposed to do without a bunch of error messages (the reason I got a replacement from HP to replace my old one).  The screen is HUGE and I need that because trying to read drug interactions on a screen the size of those smartphones is ridiculous.  When my colleagues tell me their smart phones can do what my computer does AND make phone calls, I just smile (when they try to read that 2 or 3 cm screen :-).  I have a cell phone and I need my handheld to work all day without losing battery life on phone reception.  I know it's not cool, but I like my handheld and my cell phone separately because I USE my handheld.

The Windows Mobile 6.0 far surpasses any previous version.  Everything simply works as it does on your desktop without the bugginess of the previous versions.  I use word mobile, excel (very rarely) and they work great.

Wi-Fi and bluetooth are flawless on this Enterprise 211.  Easy to access; smooth interface.  No problems with that.  This handheld does not have an infrared port and I was disappointed about that until I realized that I can use my bluetooth to exchange info with another handheld just as easily.  It's different but the functionality is still there--just no infrared.  I don't know why they left that out but once I realized that computer to computer info exchange was just as easy, I haven't missed it.

There is room for a ton of expansion using SD and CF cards.  I am using both and this computer is not sluggish in the least.  I have my medical software installed on an SD card and there is a ton of space left for operating on my main memory. 

What took some getting used to:  This computer takes a different touch than my old Ipaqs.  It seems to need a firmer press with the stylus than previous handhelds that I had used.  That took a little getting used to but I will say that after about a week, I no longer notice it. 

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