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Great Figure!

Pros - Wicked Vehicle<br>- Nice Gimmicks<br>- Excellent Articulation
Cons - Lack of Paint in Robot Mode<br>- Inaccurate head (This is Minor, however)
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Jolt is a very articulate figure with awesome gimmicks and a wicked vehicle mode. Highly recommend! Definitely a favorite from the Revenge of the Fallen line!
Vehicle Mode: Jolt transforms into a very accurate Chevy  Volt. The paint applications are spectacular. He features Hasbro's amazing silver paint and the Chevy logo is painted in gold! Hasbro has been doing great with the vehicle modes in Revenge of the Fallen line. They've all been very accurate and Jolt comes as no exception. Jolt is not only accurate but, functional! Unlike some of the rolling characters, Jolt actually rolls. There's nothing hindering the rolling. Very, very nice vehicle mode. 10/10.

Transformation: One thing I noticed is there is a lot of big panels. Right out of the box he looked a little bit more simple than some others. He is, and it works. He doesn't have a hyper-intricate transformation featured on some others. Most kids will not have too much trouble with this one. A great case of simple yet, effective. 9/10

Robot Mode: The robot is very, very good. It is incredibly articulate. 21 points of articulation and 7 of those are ball joints. Very articulate.  He even has waist articulation! That sold this guy for me. His "Mech Alive" feature is when you turn the waist, a little piece in the lower torso rotates. Wasn't necessary, but much appreciated. His main gimmick is when a little knob in his hand is turned, a "whip" comes out. Excellent feature. There are (unfortunately) 2 problems with Jolt. 1) He lacks in paint. Unlike what is on the back of the box, there is not Red "v" on the lower torso, and the other half of the "tire" isn't painted. This is a very common problem on the Revenge of the Fallen line. Nice vehicle mode paint, but robot mode lacks. Problem 2) His head is based on concept art. The head in the movie is a little bit different. It's unfortunate that while everything else is so amazingly accurate, one figure isn't. Oh, well. I prefer this head though. Jolt here is a very nice figure. 9.8/10.

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