Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47214 12 Cups Coffee Maker - Black
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Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47214 12 Cups Coffee Maker - Black

  • Operation Source: Electric
  • Type: Coffee Maker
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Push button - an easier way to dispense your coffee.

Pros Dispenses cup-by-cup. Can dispense while brewing. No breakable glass pots. No scorching. Programmable timer.
Cons Turns off automatically, so coffee gets cold. Might not be good for curious children.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  This is a very good coffee maker, for a very reasonable price, (around sixty dollars,)with a lot of helpful features.
My sister has had one of these for almost two years, and she loves it. She cleans it once every six months, and has never had trouble. Since she raved about it, we registered for, and got the Hamilton Beach BrewStation coffee maker as a wedding present. We were given the black 12-cup programmable version. My husband and I hooked it up first thing when we returned from our honeymoon. We couldn't imagine going more than a day without coffee. (My husband can't live without it. haha)

It was well packed, and easy to put together and take apart. (You just slip the holding tank inside the coffee unit, and place the ground holding cup on top.) It took me about five minutes to read and find out how to make coffee, and set the timer.

Making Coffee-
First you take the ground holding cup out and fill it with a standard filter and one scoop (provided) per cup of coffee. Next you fill the bucket with water to the desired number of cups. Then you take the bucket, and pour the water into the reservoir in the coffee machine, (a step that my husband often forgets, and that gets you only hot water). Then, for instant coffee, you only have to push the on/off button twice, and it will start brewing. For programming, you have to enter in the time that you would like your coffee, (easy with hour and minute buttons,) and push the on/off button. The light will then flash until it is time to brew.

Things I don't like-
There is no safety for small fingers. My husband and I haven't been blessed just yet, but if we did have children, I would worry that they might press the dispenser button. There is no way to lock it in place, or keep the dispenser from dispensing.

This hasn't been a problem for me either, but the BrewStation automatically shuts off after two hours, and this could be a problem for some. You can turn it right back on though, and the heating unit, (located at the bottom,) will automatically reheat the coffee you are about to pour.

The final possible problem that I see could be that some travel mugs wouldn't fit well under the dispenser. My husband and I have regular travel mugs, so this hasn't been a problem for us, but with some odd shaped, or colossal mugs that you see out there, who knows.

Things I like-
I love that it makes 12 cups, an adequate amount in my opinion. Also, it has a clear plastic window in the front of the bucket where you can see the amount of coffee left, and the amount of water when filling it to make coffee. That is very helpful for when I only want a few cups. No guessing.

The coffee brews quickly, dispenses into the cup in seconds, and you don't have to wait for a full pot to serve. I was having a dinner party, and my husband had accidentally forgotten to pour the water into the reservoir. We noticed this when we were serving desert, well to late to brew a traditional pot. We started the pot filling, and as we poured each cup, the machine would brew enough for the next cup. It saved the day for us because a traditional pot would have still been filling, and our guests would have had to wait. As it was, no one even knew that the coffee wasn't brewed on time.

There is no breakable glass pot. My Brother-in-Law has broken several of my sisters, and my husband and I can be a bit clumsy, (especially before our morning coffee,) and the BrewStation takes away the risk of dropping the pot. Also, you can't crack or shatter the pot by overcooking a small amount of coffee as with a standard coffee maker.

The coffee stays incredibly fresh for days. My husband and I ran out for a last minute weekend trip, and when we came back, two days later, I realized that I hadn't emptied the coffee pot. Well, the box says it keeps the coffee fresh, so I thought that there was no better test than that, and when I tried it, it was still fresh. In a regular pot, I would never even keep coffee for more than one day!

Coffee temperature stays the same, from the first cup to the last. If we use ten cups between our morning coffee, and our travel cups, and then I come back in an hour and a half, the remaining coffee is still fresh, not scorched, and not too hot.

Type A30 - 120V 60Hz 1210W - Made in China - I would say that the unit is about eighteen to twenty inches tall, and about ten to twelve inches wide.

If you are in the market for a new coffee maker, or just keep breaking the pots on the old one, this coffee maker is wonderful.

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