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Cough Drops That Actually Taste Good!

Pros Tastes good, works well, soothing, inexpensive
Cons None
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  These cough drops taste good, and are perfect if mentholated cough drops are too strong for you.
So many cough drops have too strong of a flavor and leave you with a nasty taste in your mouth. Halls Fruit Breezers are different. They actually taste good; they taste as close to hard candy as cough drops ever will! Not only do they taste good, but they work well and really do make you feel better.

* Great new taste!
* Non-mentholated drops
* Provides cool, soothing relief of everyday throat irritation
* Convenient, individually wrapped drops
* Available in 9-piece sticks and resealable bags in a variety of sizes
* Also available in Sugar Free
* Only 15 calories and 3.5 grams of carbohydrates per drop

They really do taste great (or as close to great as a cough drop can be, I suppose). I like that, unlike regular Halls cough drops, they're non-mentholated. They're more soothing on a dry, sore throat than regular cough drops, but, if I have a very dry throat, I occasionally feel an unpleasant burning sensation when I start sucking on the cough drop. The sensation quickly subsides and begins soothing my throat.

No cough drop actually tastes great, but Halls Fruit Breezers are as good as they get. And while no cough drop actually sounds appetizing when you're sick, Halls Fruit Breezers really do help your sore throat and make you feel better. Halls Fruit Breezers are available in 3 flavors: Cool Creamy Strawberry, Cool Berry, Tropical Chill, and Sugar-Free Cool Berry. My favorite, by far, is Cool Berry.

On, a package of 25 cough drops costs $2.29. (The suggested retail price is $2.49.) The bag reseals, so the cough drops stay fresh and don't fall all over the place! According to the Halls website, 9-piece sticks are available, but I have yet to see one in a store or find one in an online store. The packages are blue and feature the Halls logo, a picture of the cough drop, and pictures of various fruits.

The Cool Berry-flavored cough drops are red with white stripes. The Cool Creamy Strawberry-flavored cough drops are white with red stripes. Lastly, the Tropical Chill-flavored cough drops are orange with white stripes. Each cough drop is the same size as a regular mentholated Halls cough drop, and each one is wrapped in white paper with blue "Halls Breezers" writing. Each lozenge is 15 calories with 3.5 grams carbohydrates.

INGREDIENTS (Cool Berry): Active ingredient (in each drop): Pectin 7 mg. Inactive Ingredients: FD & C blue no. 2, FD & C red no. 40, flavors, glucose syrup, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, sucrose, titanium dioxide, water

WOULD I BUY IT? Yes. Especially if, like me, mentholated cough drops are too strong for you.

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