Baby Einstein Discover & Play Activity Center by Graco
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Baby Einstein Discover & Play Activity Center by Graco

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Baby Einstein Exersaucer

Pros Lots of activities for babies to learn
Cons Not all are washable
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Teaches baby sensory and motor skills and stimulates the neurons in their brains.
My daughter and granddaughter are currently living with us, and will be doing so for the next 6 months while daddy is deployed with the Air Force.  Since their stay is temporary, I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on baby toys, and I was able to borrow quite a items, including this Baby Einstein Discover & Play Activity Center, from friends. 

My granddaughter has an Exersaucer at home, and this Baby Einstein Discover & PLay Activity Center is very similar.  Our granddaughter is 7 months old and she has been thoroughly enjoying this toy!

Perfect for developing both sensory and motor skills, our baby plays in this for up to 20 minutes at a time.  There are ample features to keep her entertained at even this young age.

This takes up a fair amount of real estate in our living room, and consists of a round base measuring 27" in diameter.  The base is shaped like a saucer-style snow sled, with three wide legs that are attached to a top shelf of sorts.  In the middle is a padded seat with two leg holes, and the baby can sit in this and turn the saucer 360 degrees in order to play with each of the toys attached to the shelf.

The toys are different from those on my daughters Exersaucer.  They consist of the following nine interactive toys:

1)  In keeping with the Baby Einstein puppet theme, there is a green and yellow hand puppet that rests atop a bendable base.  You can stick your hand inside of this and play with your baby.  The dragon has a red forked tongue coming out of his "mouth".  I have never seen our baby try to stick her hand inside of this puppet.

2)  On a bendable base is a yellow star-shaped toy wearing a smiley face.  Our baby loves to pull this toward her and put the face in her mouth.  It is made of a soft rubber like material that is gentle on the gums.

3)  The bilingual language and music center is one of our babies favorite toys.  There is a large purple button in the center with a picture of a duck on it.  This is surrounded by a purple button featuring a cow, a yellow button featuring a dog, a red button featuring a cat, and a green button featuring a lion. 

When you push the button once it makes the sound of that particular animal.  A second push tells you the name of the animal in English.  A third push tells the name of the animal in Spanish.  A fourth push plays a short tune (classical music).

4)  A horseshoe shaped yellow bar is threaded with one stationary caterpillar head and four colored (blue, purple, red and aqua) round beads that make up the body of the caterpillar.  These can be transferred from one end of the yellow bar to the other.

5)  Our babies least favorite of the toys is a flexible tube with a soft sided blue block, a soft sided yellow block and a soft sided red triangle.  These picture fruits and animals but make no sounds.  They are also hard to clean and disinfect.

6)  The sixth toy is really very cute.  This looks like a hard plastic "booklet" (think a plastic 2-ring binder) with a reflective mirror (not breakable) as the front and back of the book.  The "mirrors" are stationary, but there are two pages with a duck/cat and a cow/dog that can be flipped.  These are harder for a baby to turn or flip, but one of the binders is broken adding to that difficulty.

7)  The next toy is a sun with a face (or a sunflower) rattle.  The stem is long and "s" shaped like a snake.  It can bend back and forth to make the rattling sound.

8)  Toy number 8 is a clear frosty blue world globe with multi-colored plastic balls inside.  As you turn the globe on its axis the beads bounce around and make a light tinkling sound.

9)  The last toy on the Baby Einstein Discover & Play Activity Center is a base with three wide wheels that turn.  The end wheels are green and dark blue with pictures of animals.  As these turn plastic beads or balls rattle around inside.  The center yellow colored wheel is our babies favorite and this one makes a clicking sound as she turns it.

Closing Thoughts

While our 7 month old baby loves her time in this activity center made by Graco, she becomes over stimulated and fussy if I allow her to spend too much time in it at one setting.  I think you have to find a good balance when it comes to the right amount of time you allow your child to play in one of these.  I could see some less experienced parents using it as a babysitter and that is not what it is intended for.

Each of the toys are easily within our babies reach, and the zig-zag design on the bottom of the saucer helps her to stand without slipping.  I like how the seat is cushioned and the cushioning comes up over the top of the tray, making it comfortable where her arms rest.

It's fun to watch her play each week and I can see her little mind working as she interacts with most of the toys on the activity center.  A week ago she didn't play with the plastic book, but today she was fascinated by it and spent a good deal of time exploring it.  She was even able to turn one of the pages by herself.

I was skeptical that our baby would be able to hit the notes on the music center four times in order to get them to play a tune, but she figured out how to do that in just her third time in the center.

The center has three different height positions so this can grow with your baby.  The saucer will shift from side to side slightly as baby plays in it, but I love how easily she can turn herself around to reach each of the toys around the perimeter.  The seat turns fairly easily and makes very little noise while doing so.

These are a bit expensive, but if you can pick one up at a garage sale, or better yet borrow one like we did, I think you will find them worth having for your baby or toddler, if you have the room.  They are designed for babies four months old, can hold up to 30 pounds and can accommodate babies up to 32 inches tall.

This is a nice interactive toy with bright colors, a variety of different textures, and stimulating sounds to help babies entertain and teach themselves.

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