Gauntlet Legends (Nintendo 64, 1999) - European Version
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Gauntlet Legends (Nintendo 64, 1999) - European Version

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  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Rating: T - Teen
  • Platform: Nintendo 64
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Gauntlet Legends: Another Great 80s Game In The Cruel 90s.

Pros Hey look, it's Gauntlet!
Cons The awkward silence after you realize that Gauntlet isn't as cool as it used to be.
Recommended it? No
You remember when everyone heard about Gauntlet getting redone, and they all started talking about it? Then all the talk about it died down...which was because the game got made, and people had played it. After people saw the final product, they were all fairly disappointed in it. Not because it was done badly, but because the 90?s just isn?t Gauntlet?s time anymore. It's like when Austin Powers goes from the 70s to the 90s and he's not "hip", not "with it" anymore. (duka-duka-duka...)Today?s gamers want more from their game than just running around mashing a button, especially if it?s on the N64, and the have to pay some exorbitant amount for the cartridge. That isn?t to say that you can?t kill hours mindlessly mashing buttons on your N64 controller with this game...just that you shouldn?t pay to do it. Heck, most of the N64 owners I know spend time mashing the buttons...just that they don't have a cartridge in the machine and they're just cursing the day they bought it.

Long Time No See...

So, what?s new with Gauntlet? How?s it hanging? You been working out? Well, this time you?re working for a sorcerer dude "Sumner", and he needs you to free these obelisks that give some evil guy power. He?s using his evil powers to make a bunch of bad guy generators, and the bad guys are going around stomping on other towns, which isn?t kosher with the sorcerer. So he calls up his old college buddies, Wizard, Elf, Warrior, and Valkyrie (who all need food, badly...) to come up and clean up the big mess. So that's where you come in. You choose one of the 4 people, and you go kill stuff. Along the way you find runes, shards, and fight big boss things. Simple enough?

New Stuff

One of the new additions to Gauntlet Legends that wasn't in the original is the addition of Turbo, as you have in nearly every other Midway game. (No, you won?t hear, "Red Warrior is on fire!" or "Boom-Shaka-Laka!") In addition there are some nifty power-ups that weren't in the last game, like giant growth, and enemy shrinkage. Some power-ups, like the super shot just look...well, wrong. One of the power-ups, anti-death will let you take HP from Death, except he runs away like a sissy girl. (Come on Death! Come out and get your whuppin!) In addition, if you save up your Turbo power and hit it at the same time as your attack button, you'll unleash an enemy obliterating Turbo shot.

Crawlin' Through The Dungeon

When playing Gauntlet Legends, if you're trying to advance the game you?ll have to be careful to look out for certain things. There are certain sections of wall that you will need to shoot in order to access switches, runes, etc. These are important because there?s nothing more annoying than to see stuff you can't get at and to have the ?You need a switch to open this door.? message pop up. Along the way, scrolls will appear to give you hints at what you are looking for in the level. Also throughout the course of most levels you'll encounter big monsters that take pleasure in flipping your little characters to the ground.

What The Hell Did He Just Say?!

One of the most irksome problems with the new Gauntlet is the lame voiceover guy. What a 'tard. They have the "maniacally deep voice" level up way too high. The guy?s voice is so deep you can't understand what the hell he's saying, and all you can make out is the evil laugh. A typical chastisement from the enemy goes a little something like this. "garble mumble, you, garble garble".


Gauntlet Legends is riddled with problems. First off, it's just not that much fun to sit there and mash buttons while your character levels up. In addition, some of the stupid switches are excessively hard to find. There's nothing worse than playing a repetitive game wandering all over the blasted map looking for the one thing that's out of place. Sometimes the camera angles for the game make maps difficult to traverse, because you can't see the obstacles that are immediately in your path. Aiming to hit things is one of the most difficult processes in the game, and that definitely detracts from the fun factor. All in all this game really has too much going against it for what it offers in return.


Pass on this one. If you're looking to find the joy that you used to get pumping your quarters into the old arcade version of Gauntlet, it's not here. This isn't the Gauntlet that you know and love, times have changed, and it got left behind. Much like most sequels, this wasn't as good as the first.

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Gauntlet makes the transition to 3D in this enhanced follow-up to 1985's four-player fantasy action title. Lead a warrior, wizard, valkyrie, or archer in fast-paced combat against ghosts, demons, and sorcerers spawned from monster generators. A perspective above the battlefield lets you explore over 30 maze-like levels with up to three friends. In a twist from the original Gauntlet, characters increase in level and earn experience points used to improve ratings in strength, speed, armor, and health. Your objective is to travel through seven themed worlds to defeat an evil demon named Skorne. Food, special weapons, potions, and items can be acquired, stored, and accessed whenever needed. Enhance your offensive capabilities with three-way shots, fire breath, and super shots, or temporarily invoke such powers as super speed and invisibility. Hidden throughout the trap-filled territory are switches, scrolls, and legend weapons. Switches reveal secret rooms, scrolls offer helpful information, and legend we

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