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Garmin; The Best Way to Travel

Pros Easy to use, offers more than just maps
Cons Short battery, can take awhile to find your location.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Garmin is a safe reliable tool which is becoming a necessity to any and all travelers. A great buy, you won't be sorry.
Garmin has, over the last few years, been a leading proponent in making GPS affordable and available to everyone. The Nuvi 3790T is being welcomed by consumers everywhere. I personally have recently purchased this model, and it has made driving a breeze.

As with many people, I am not good at driving somewhere I am not familiar with. The Garmin Nuvi model makes every road, no matter where you are seem like it’s in your own backyard. The touch interface allows you to check for maps or get turn by turn directions that you can read ahead of time, just like as if you were on MapQuest. The great thing about this is that you create your GPS experience. If you want to see the route and have turn by turn directions you can, or if you just want to see a map you can do that do. This product is great for beginner and advanced drivers alike.

Being a male, as is the stereotype, I don’t like to ask for directions. This product allows me to keep my pride, and make it to my destination in record time. You can set your GPS to avoid toll roads or highways, and it always gives you the fastest route, unless of course you tell it not to. The system is safe and reliable, and using satellite allows you the assurance that your directions will not lead you astray. Being lost on the road can be a scary and dangerous thing, the Garmin Nuvi takes that fear away, and brings the fun back into the road trip. Half the fun is getting there right? Well Garmin makes sure that’s true.

The ability to change the voice on the GPS allows you to pick who you want to hear. From a heavy accent to the “recalculating” voice we’re all too familiar with. This product really is whatever you make it. Not only does this device give directions, but you can also find restaurants, gas stations, and tons of other things with the touch of a button. The touch screen interface allows you to control it while on the road, and really overall this product is top of the line.

I have two qualms with this product, one being the battery life. With most road trips you’re going to be driving for over four hours, which is how long the battery lasts, so make sure you have a charger with you. The second is sometimes it does take awhile to calibrate, which can be frustrating if you just want to get in the car and go. When driving, having a backup plan is always a good thing, and a Garmin GPS is the really the best option. High quality, great products, that’s Garmin.

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