Garmin eTrex Legend Handheld
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Garmin eTrex Legend Handheld

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  • System Type: Handheld
  • User Interface: Thumb Stick
  • Number of Channels: 12 Channels
  • Map Capabilities: Download maps Internal
  • WAAS Features: WAAS enabled
  • Screen Size: 4.7"
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My first love in GPS world

Pros Small, battery last long, map capability
Cons no audible sound, no external antena jack
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Good for starter in GPS world. Don't buy those GPS without map capability.
I have heard about GPS technology and devices long before finally bought this eTrex Legend in the end of 2002 based on the recommendation of some friends.

At first I was just happy with the built-in Worldmap (mine is Asian version, no US map) which is not very detail but good enouh to tell you where is the nearest town.

Later I learnt about how to create waypoints, tracks, and use it to calculate distance, calculate area, tell direction even without the satellite signal (yes, it is possible by looking at moon or sun position). I even use the GPS to adjust my PC system time!

Tracking is fun, whether on foot, bike or car. But the most exciting time is when I use it in aeroplane. The eTrex Legend can show exactly the same like what the flight information screen is showing. Two AA battery is good enough to track long flight journey up to 22 hours (that's about from South East Asia to USA).

I need to highlight that even though this small wonder doesn't have external antenna, but the reception is very good. In the car, to get a good signal I can just put in on the dashboard or even just place it next to the speedometer.
In the aeroplane, as long as you sit on the window seat you should be able to get signal. On the boat... I can see almost all the satellites and easily get 3 meter accuracy.

Just like other nerds, I don't really like sport, so I have to find a kind that suite my style and finally I found GEOCACHING ( A sport where we have to be the searching engine and use the GPS as a helping tool. The reception of eTrex Legend is so good, I still can trust it I have to search for cache under the thick tree canopies and rocks.

Not happy with just little detail on the map, I learn how to create my own map using GPSMapper software that you can find on the web (just google it).

When larger screen is needed, I just connect it to my IBM Thinkpad notebook running OziExplorer software and voila, I can see myself moving on the screen. NOTE: don't do this when you are driving. Let other person drive the vehicle while you enjoy navigating.

Once I thought that my eTrex Legend can do everything until one of my friend loan me GPS III+ during my trip in New South Wales, Australia. Suddenly I found that my eTrex Legend is so dump! It can't give me voice guidance, It can't even give me a simple beep alert when I have to make a turn. What the..$%*&*&@##

...but wait, I don't need voice guidance everyday, I don't need alert in every turn, and I can't carry a bulky device like Garmin GPS III+ in my pocket.

So, now I'm going to take my Legend from my backpack and start to play with it, again.

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