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I lost Weight!!!

Pros I lost Wieght
Cons Hard to continue with after 7 days
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Yes helps learn portion control and calorie count
My roommate and I have been searching for a way to lose some weight before several weddings next year. I have about 20 pounds and my roommate has a little more than that to take. I started searching for something to help jump start our weight loss. I found this product, and was unsure what I it was going to do for us. This product is new to the market and the reviews are mixed on several websites. With its reasonable cost I took a gamble and bought the product. When it arrived it laid out a 7 day meal plan that you had to follow to ensure it would work. I went shopping for all the items and looked over every day to ensure I could follow the meal plan as it said. There were some days when I had a meeting or something so it would have been hard to follow the diet exactly so I switched a day or two here and there but stuck o the days food items. The hard part about this was there were no calorie listings for the breakfast or lunch items so it was hard to mix and match to continue with the diet after the seven days. At the end of the 7 days I lost 7 pounds.

Here is what comes in the kit- 7 packets of pills, 14 meal replacement shakes and a pre diet cleanser. You take the packet of pills with breakfast and 2 meal replacement shakes during the day and the cleanser at night.

The Meal plan gives you what to eat on what meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner along with two snacks).

The plan last for 7 days as that is all you buy with it. Would not recomend it for more than that great jump start.

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