Fisher-Price Imaginext Spike the Ultra Dinosaur - M8126
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Fisher-Price Imaginext Spike the Ultra Dinosaur - M8126

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  • Battery Type: 3 x AA Batteries
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  • Brand: Fisher-Price
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Fisher Price Imaginext Spike the ultra dinosaur

Pros Amazing! Walks, makes noise, thrashes and more
Cons None
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  The Fisher Price Imaginext Spike the ultra dinosaur is the most amazing dinosaur toy and the most realistic I have ever seen. I played with it too!
Although the age recommendation for the Fisher Price Imaginext Spike the ultra dinosaur is ages three years old and over. I did buy the Fisher Price Imaginext Spike the ultra dinosaur for my son anyways. He is a few months past two years old. The age recommendation is based on the skill it takes to use the dinosaur, not the safety of it. So, based on the fact that Bret is fully capable of using remote control cars, computer key boards and more. I knew it would not take much for him to learn to use Spike to the fullest extent.

I purchased the Fisher Price Imaginext Spike the ultra dinosaur on the Toys R Us web site on sale for $149.00 at the time. It is now back up to nearly two hundred dollars. I have also seen him in store at the Toys R Us store since then. The price may seem high for a toy. However, this dinosaur is the most realistic and fun dinosaur I have ever seen. I would have to say that the price was actually a great one.

Details and facts:

Brace yourself, this is a long description because there is so much to this dinosaur. First of all, let me start by saying that Spike does not come fully assembled. You will have to use the instruction guide to help you figure out how to snap the front and back legs in to the dinosaur and the tail as well. If you hear the leg snap when you push it in, you have done it right. If you do not hear the snap, odds are that the leg has not been pushed in far enough and will fall off.

The Fisher Price Imaginext Spike the ultra dinosaur is deep forrest green like colored, he has tons of red spikes on his back and tail, he has a few on his head as well, but the ones on his head do not light up. He has teeth sticking out of his mouth. these are flat to his face pretty much, there in no way to get hurt from them. However, they are realistic looking. Spike stands at about 27 inches tall in normal position, higher if you make him fully stand up with the remote.

As far as batteries go the Fisher Price Imaginext Spike the ultra dinosaur takes a (9.6 Volt) NiMH battery that goes in his belly area. Lucky us, the battery which can be 25-30 dollars in stores comes free with the dinosaur, as does a cord to charge it. You plug in the battery to the cord, then plug the cord in. Now you will see a red light if the battery is charging, and a green one if it is done charging. The battery at start of play will take four hours to fully charge.

The first time my son played with the Fisher Price Imaginext Spike the ultra dinosaur, I did not let the battery get fully charged. Not even half way. I let it stay in for fifteen minutes and let him try it out after that. It lasted for about 3 hours with that fifteen minute charge. Also the remote will take batteries as well. These are double A batteries and do not come included with the purchase of this toy. So you will have to have some on hand. A phillips head screw driver will be needed to remove the screw on either battery case at the time you change the batteries.

Keep in mind that there is an on/of switch on the dinosaur and the remote control. You do not want to wear down the batteries. The dinosaur one can be charged so it wouldn't be too big of a deal. But the remote does not have a self shut down mode so it will eat up the batteries if it is left on. Just slide the button on the back of it to the empty circle shape to turn it off.

The remote for the Fisher Price Imaginext Spike the ultra dinosaur is great. There are many buttons on it, each with a picture of Spike on it to show the child which button does which function for the dinosaur. Nothing is more explanatory then that. The remote is shaped and colored to look like rocks. The button on the left in the green circle shape shows a picture of a foot. This one has arrows, side to side, and forward. This will control the dinosaurs walking feature.

Then there are four oddly shaped large buttons in the middle of the wireless remote. One shows a picture of Spike with his mouth open. This will control him opening and closing his mouth. Push once for open, push it again to close it. The one under it brings Spike to his original standing position and he will slightly lower his head. Off to the right the other button at the top is a picture of a dinosaur standing. Push this button to get Spike to stand up with his front legs in the air and is rear on the floor.

The button below that shows a picture of a squiggly type design, this will make spike sort of thrash a bit with his neck and roar at the same time. Then on the right end of the remote is another circular green button with a picture of a dinosaurs head and neck. This button has up and down arrows on it. This is to lower and raise the head of Spike. The remote is fully wireless and has a sensor in the front to work with the dinosaur. Also you do not need to stand directly in front of him, we tried it from clear across the room and it still worked very well.

Spike not only walks, lifts and lowers him head, stands, and those types of functions. He also is able to roar, sniff things, laugh, pick things up in his mouth, he often yawns when you turn him on too, as if you have just woken him up. There are many functions and soudns. All that work properly. The sounds are not overly loud or bothersome either. The spikes on his back and tail will light up bright red when you have him in active use, and he will also play low music and make stomping noises as well. He does so much for one toy!

The Fisher Price Imaginext Spike the ultra dinosaur also comes with two plastic boulders that are gray in color and look realistic and one large bone as well. If you use the right last button to lower his head, then the top, left middle button to open his mouth, he will take it in his mouth, hit the button again and he will pick it up. He will make chomping sounds or crunching sounds, and some times spit it out or sneeze.

Use and recommendation:

My son age two and my daughter age seven both love the Fisher Price Imaginext Spike the ultra dinosaur. We even brought it over my brother's house where my five year old nephew had so much fun with it, that he cried when we had to take it with us when we went home. It is certainly a favorite amongst all of the kids.

This toy is pretty bottom heavy. The whole thing is hard plastic. However, the fact that he is bottom heavy means that he doesn't just tip over. We have used him on floors both tile and linoleum, carpeting both flat and thick and other surfaces. So far he does not tip over, and it does not stop his walking in any way either. He moves around very well. Spike has the realistic movements and sounds of the real live thing. It is truly amazing for a toy.

I would be lying if I didn't say that I have played with the Fisher Price Imaginext Spike the ultra dinosaur myself. I loved it too. It was fun to play with. At 29 years old I should feel silly saying that. However, it is a toy that I can enjoy with the kids. I chase the kids with the dinosaur. They run away and we all have fun at the same time.

Even at age two my son has mastered the remote completely. He knows with in just a few short months which button does what, and even how to coordinate actions of the dinosaur. He loves it a lot. So far he and my daughter have played with the Fisher Price Imaginext Spike the ultra dinosaur on a daily basis. I have had to charge the battery four times all together and replace the remote batteries just once. That is not too bad.

Spike is not loud, he is large and fun to play with. He has many functions and completes them all just as he should. This toy is made well and built to last. The Fisher Price Imaginext Spike the ultra dinosaur may have cost more then I often like to spend on a toy, however, he was worth every penny that I paid for him. I would highly recommend the Fisher Price Imaginext Spike the ultra dinosaur.

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