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Que in Colorado - Dyson failed to live up to it's name

Pros Light weight <br>Easy to empty <br>Easy to manuver and push<br>Easy to put on attatchments
Cons Pricey<br>Wand was akward to use .<br>Didn't pick up pet hair really well
Recommended it? No
The Bottom Line:  Try Vac's  consumer reports reccomend before spending money on a Dyson. I just didn't see the great performance that everyone raves about. Couldn't justify spending the money for the performance.
Bought a Dyson DC 28 on 16 Dec 2009. Took it back 15 Jan 2010 . I have 4 friends who have a Dyson and they swear by it. I was really disappointed with the performance. It really didn't pick up pet hair any better than my Kirby and even with it great suction power it didn't pick up smal particles on the steps with out going over it about 3 times. I have waited for months to get one and finally got it at a decent price 30 % off and still felt it wasn't worth it. I do have 2 dogs and notice the people who rave about it say their floors were covered with pet hair maybe I didn't have enough hair on the floor to see the performance.  My friends say the yellow Dyson is better. Called cutomer service and they were very nice. We tested it but it still didn't work any better. I guess I just happen to be one of the few who may have gotten a lemon which is really sad especially since there are tons of people who think Dyson Vacs are the best thing since sliced bread. I wish I could have been one but I will keep my Kirby for now.

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