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Excellent power and performance at a very good price

Pros Great ergonomic handle, plenty of power, easy cleaning
Cons "Stick" portion could be a little longer for working in large batches
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  An excellent buy performing as well (or better) than other more expensive models
I am a part-time chef and I tend to be very demanding of my kitchen tools both in quality and performance.  Price is important but I will gladly pay a bit more to get the performance I need in a very busy home kitchen.

I bought the Dualit to replace a Waring commercial "stick" blender that had become problematic due to the shaft detaching from the motor and not spinning. Each time it did this I had to stop, push the shaft back up and risk getting cut or burned if I was working with hot food.

I am extremely happy with the Dualit. I've had it now for about a year and I have put it through some fairly heavy work. I make sauces, potato and vegetable purees, and other foods that require a good blender. Since I am typically working in large batches having to cycle through a traditional blender is a hassle. Using the Dualit in a one or two gallon batch straight in the cooking pot gives me a lot of efficiency in the kitchen.

The blender works very well. Most of the time I use it in "turbo" mode since I need to get my food done fast. It hsa never over-heated even with large heavy loads like mashed potatoes or other vegetable purees.

This unit is easy to clean. The user can avoid the problem with food getting stuck in the gaskets mentioned in another review simply by sticking the blender in a plastic cup half-filled with hot water and pulsing it a few times. This cleasn the blades and the blade housing assembly so all you have to do is detach it and give the outside a quick wash.

I am extremely happy with my purchase which cost me around $75 from Costco but I see they do not carry it anymore.  Worth finding from other sources.

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