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Doom II (Revised Review)

bycountess_eva Jan 1, 2007
18 Helpfuls 19 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Haunting atmosphere, inventive villains, fun game, excellent continuation of the...
Cons Doesn?t run of Windows XP, pixilated graphics, less levels than the original Doom.
Recommended it? Yes

Before launching into my description of Doom II, I feel that it would be beneficial to my readers to briefly reiterate the Doom story. As many of you will recall, the haunted world of Doom encases many strange and disquieting scenarios making it highly unique and memorable. It all began in the... Read full review »


Hell on Earth!

bychristoph_p Oct 24, 2001
4 Helpfuls 5 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Slightly enhanced DOOM-Engine, new graphics, new enemies, new levels
Cons only 'slightly' enhanced engine
Recommended it? Yes

Hell on Earth is the title of DOOM's sequel DOOM II.
It is called so because, well, because there is HELL ON EARTH!


(You are a marine, coming home after a long fight on the moon bases that were infested with hellbreed.)

After you defeated the big badasses... Read full review »


SolidShoe Classic Game Write-OFF: Hell on Earth Equals happiness in my Kitchen

bySolidShoe Oct 13, 2001
8 Helpfuls 9 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Levels, levels, and more levels.
Cons Music.
Recommended it? Yes

Yes, Doom 2, Hell on Earth, is without a doubt the best Doom game. John Romero's brilliant level design shines in ways the original Doom, and Even Quake, could never achieve. Sure, it was more of an add-on than a sequel, but Doom two still represents the perfect blend of level design, character... Read full review »


Doom 2 is not yet doomed

bytmc2000 Apr 9, 2001
6 Helpfuls 7 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Lots Of Levels; Quite A Few Guns
Cons Outta Date Graphics
Recommended it? Yes

It maybe old, but it's still cool. With 32 levels and 9 weapons, it is is quite a lot for an old game. It also has Deathmatch where you face other faces around the world by modem or internet.

The 9 weapons are fist, chainsaw, pistol, shotgun, super shotgun, chain gun, rocket launcher,... Read full review »


The original, and still the best

byLotharBot Dec 2, 2000
4 Helpfuls 5 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros low hardware requirements, excellent gameplay, good music
Cons no cutscenes
Recommended it? Yes

I first purchased DOOM2 in 1992 or 1993, running on a 386 DX-20. The game ran smoothly in single player even on this system. This game really started the 3D FPS Genre, and is still the best of them all. The single player levels are interesting, and there are thousands more available all over the... Read full review »


And you thought Doom1 was as good as it gets!

byMathwiz Oct 21, 2000
4 Helpfuls 5 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Excellent music, gameplay, levels, graphics, etc.
Cons none
Recommended it? Yes

If you've ever played normal DOOM (who hasn't?), this one is even better! It has more monsters, more weapons, more/better levels, better music, better graphics, and more options! Even if you haven't played DOOM1, you should definitely play this one. You can even create your own levels for it (like... Read full review »


A must buy thriller

bydorkeet101 Sep 24, 2000
3 Helpfuls 4 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros everything
Cons not for everyone
Recommended it? Yes

When I first saw this gamed played, it was by my cousins, I was like 'wow'. Great graphics, great sound effects, each level detailed, secret passages, monsters popping out of no where scaring the living daylights out of me are my most favorite things about this game. After I got home I had to run... Read full review »


the -classic- heart pounder

bydozer60 Jul 7, 2000
3 Helpfuls 4 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros believable gameplay, good weapons
Cons cheating ruins most of the fun
Recommended it? Yes

Their is not many better feeling than the rush you get when you that step from sitting at your computer -to- being drawn inside and feeling like your right their, in the game running and shooting for your life. This
means putting in a prayer to the big guy that you can shoot that demon before... Read full review »


Doom 2 - The Best in a lot of ways

bybricks Jun 12, 2000
6 Helpfuls 7 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros great multiplayer, almost no bugs
Cons antique
Recommended it? Yes

Often called one of the best games of all-time, Doom 2.. although by many called extinct and antique by computer video game standards today it is an excellent example of how games were and should be made.

The entertainment factor of this game is really high. It is an action-shooter game... Read full review »



byjericho_i May 25, 2000
4 Helpfuls 5 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros music, gunfire, storyline
Cons subject of immeasurable violence
Recommended it? Yes

Doom 2, sequel to Doom and Wolfenstein 3-d, is a success once again by the brilliant minds by id Software Co. It boasts of a good arsenal fit for the conquerors of hell. It makes me dazed at the sight of demons trashed out literally. I purchased this game because it was good. Weapons are... Read full review »


Old But Still Fun

byfetco May 6, 2000
5 Helpfuls 6 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Is a Classic, great weapons, keeps you on the edge of your chair
Cons Not as good graphics as newer games
Recommended it? Yes

I started playing Doom II about six years ago after playing Wolfenstein and Doom and found it more addicting than them. Still six years later after playing Duke Nukem, Quake, and many of the newer games I still go back and play a couple rounds of Doom II. I also started playing multiplayer on Doom... Read full review »



byJedi5000 Apr 9, 2000
9 Helpfuls 10 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Fun as heII, all aspects of the game can be edited
Cons Difficult control for experienced first person shooter players
Recommended it? Yes

This game is great, I bought it 5 years ago and I still play it. Doom is the first complex 1st person shooter, with twitching lights, lifts, and more. A really good way to give yourself a scare is to turn off all the lights, and play Doom at night when your alone. Its REALLY scary, especially when... Read full review »


Hmmm, there dead. Well at least I not Doomed 2

byEveryDayPerson Apr 5, 2000
4 Helpfuls 5 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros What can I say, its doom 2
Cons watch out for the arch-vile!!!
Recommended it? Yes

This may be an old game but that doesn't mean its a bad game. Sure it has bad graphics compared to modern games, but it had a good story. And who could forget just taking a chainsaw out and cutting down demons and specters, or launching rockets into the eyes of caco demons.Or lighting up the sky... Read full review »


Do You Feel.... DOOMED?

byArmorDillo Mar 3, 2000
5 Helpfuls 6 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Fun, entertaining.
Cons Bad graphics, bad sound, barely acceptable game play.
Recommended it? Yes

Doom, the first real ?shoot ?em up game?. This game can be summed up in one sentence: Run around, shoot guys, pick up stuff. That?s it. So why is it so entertaining?!!! I admit, the first time I played this game (It was the first 3D game I ever played) I fell out of my chair while trying to duck a... Read full review »


DOOMed again

bySimonCook Feb 24, 2000
3 Helpfuls 4 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros At the time was groundbreaking in terms of atmosphere, graphics and sound.
Cons Too violent for most.
Recommended it? Yes

I initially started playing 1st person 3-d perspective games back on my old Acorn Atom, with a game called 3-d maze. A simple game that involved trying to find the exit in a maze.

Then, lo and behold, someone added a few monsters, and it became a dangerous game of 'find the exit'.

... Read full review »



byAlastor Feb 15, 2000
17 Helpfuls 18 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Fast action, lots to explore, some gratuitous gore.
Cons Probably a little outdated now. Makes conservatives wet themselves. Is that really a con...
Recommended it? Yes

I have a fear that the recent attacks on the Doom series as a result of poor journalism after Columbine will tarnish this game's potential and popularity. If you want to get my input regarding the slams on Doom that relate to the recent attack on video games, I have a post called Columbine and Doom... Read full review »



byValyard Feb 14, 2000
Helpful? 1 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Cons NOT MUCH!!!
Recommended it? Yes

Hey PC gamers this is an old game from 1994. For most of us we already no that. This game is a sequal to a game that has become a phenomenon. It's had two more games made since this review was originally made. But it still rocks. It looks great for a game of it's time. It has some of the best game... Read full review »


The Father of All First Person Shooters

byMrMarbles Jan 29, 2000
2 Helpfuls 3 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Good for multiplayer
Cons Graphics and sound are old school
Recommended it? Yes

Doom 2 was one of the first, first person shooters to attract attention. It far surpassed wolfenstein 3d and even the original Doom. The addition of the super shotgun to the sequel added to the enjoyment. This game was also one of the first 3d games geared towards a multiplaying audience. This... Read full review »


Doom it All!

byteufel Jan 19, 2000
3 Helpfuls 4 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Double Barrel Shotgun
Cons I see none
Recommended it? Yes

First there was Doom. I played that game day and night. Then I heard of a sequel. I don't know how they could make a game better than Doom, but they did.

This was the time when ID pretty much had the market cornered. They had the only good games out and everyone was playing them. I... Read full review »


Doom II - They Don't Make 'em Like They Use To

byswoeste Jan 16, 2000
4 Helpfuls 5 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Great game, good action, challenging
Cons Very violent and gory; graphics are not cutting edge.
Recommended it? Yes

Doom II is an antique game by computer standards; it was released all the way back in the Autumn of 1994. However, it's still a great game, not only because it looks good, but because the people who designed it understood how a great game should work.

Sure, it's a very violent and bloody... Read full review »

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