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So much Violence...........mmmmmmmmmm

Pros Lots of fun
Cons Gets a little old after awhile
Recommended it? Yes
I know that this game is kind of old, but I decided to review it anyway.
Do you know why?
Because I LIKE it.
This game is great, because it has 3 games in one.
Here's the low-down:
First game-
The first game is an overhead 3rd person adventure. Even better, it's 3 dimensional so you can explore anywhere. You start out in a parking garage and gradually move up the building. Your first weapon is a little pistol, but you'll move up to shotguns and machine guns later on.
Your character (John McClain) can run and jump anywhere. It's pretty much all open. He can also shoot anything. This game proves to be alot of fun, and will keep you entertained for quite awhile.

Second game-
The second game is a 1st person shooter. It can be played with the controller or one of those light guns (remember Duck Hunt on the Nintendo? that was a long time ago....) Anyway, this game has even more shooter freedom, because holes will appear anywhere you shoot and almost everything can be blown up. The computer will make your character move throughout the airport and wherever you are, but you get to choose whoever and whatever you shoot.
This game can be a little difficult, but it is VERY fun.

Third game-
This one is my favorite of them all. It's a 3rd or 1st (you choose) person driving game. You start out in a cab, but then can later change it on for a variety of other automobiles. (Trucks, police car, hot dog van)
The object of this one, is to follow an arrow to bombs throughout the city and run them over. (Somehow this deactivates them....I'm still not sure how this works). On the way to the bombs, you can run over a whole massload of people (The game does not discourage this) and in a very cool feature of the game, the blood will go onto your windshield and your wipers will take it off.

Overall, 3 great games packed into one disc. A great deal for anyone.

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