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Surprisingly good sound quality for the money...

Pros Size, sound quality, price and portability/versatility make these a great choice for anyone.
Cons A little taller in size to Ihome speakers due to the built-in cord base.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  You'll be surprised by the sound quality with the size and the price can't be beat! Multiple uses with rechargeable batteries make these speakers winners!
I bought these speakers a few days ago to attach to the underside of our cupholders on our stroller. Before installing them, I tested these with my Ipod and was very surprised at the sound quality. Even turned almost all of the way up, the sound quality was clear with no distortion! I popped the top open for better base sound and it really works with the re verb of the base. For two speakers that fit in your hand, you can take these and use them for many purposes.

We bought these so we would have music while we walk with our children in the stroller.  I attached them under the cupholders with Velcro and it works really well. You could use these for your computer, in your car, or use them outside as well. They shouldn't get wet as that can ruin them. The other reason we like them is we don't have to keep buying batteries. They have built in rechargeable batteries that charge through your USB cable to your computer(provided) or do what we did and buy a solar charger that's used to keep them charged when outside. There is a small led light that when blue is fully charged and when it goes red, it needs charged. Also, the cord that attaches them together winds up in the base when not used which gives it a really clean look. The only thing I could say about that is it does make it a little taller than the Ihome speakers in the same category, but still almost 40% cheaper.

The Diamond Mini Speakers make portability easy with your MP3 player, sound great with your computer and have dozens of uses. If you're looking for a Bose sound quality, you won't have it with these. If you're looking for a good sound quality and portability, these speakers at only about 2"x2" are the answer!

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