Cuisinart Burr Grind & Brew Thermal DGB-900BC 12 Cups Coffee Maker - "Chrome/Gold/Stainless Steel"
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Cuisinart Burr Grind & Brew Thermal DGB-900BC 12 Cups Coffee Maker - "Chrome/Gold/Stainless Steel"

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  • Operation Source: Electric
  • Type: Coffee Maker
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A 12 CUP Thermal Caraffe ! Finally !!!!

byleisure_larry Jan 26, 2014
15 Helpfuls 16 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros 12 cup thermal, burr grinder quieter then others, good hot coffee
Cons Bean shute could have larger capacity, Paper filters don't work well, thermal...
Recommended it? Yes

I converted over from a Jura-Capresso CoffeeTEAM TS 10 Cups Coffee Maker that I had been loyal to for several years, as I was fed up with the constant break down (or rather rust-down) of that machine.
This review covers the Cuisinart Burr Grind Brew Thermal DGB-900BC 12 Cups Coffee... Read full review »


Best Grind and Brew Yet!

byladyavalon7 Feb 9, 2012
2 Helpfuls 3 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Easy clean up, beans stay dry, makes great coffee.
Cons None.
Recommended it? Yes

This is our third version of Cuisinart's Grind & Brew coffee pot.  We gave away the other two to get the latest upgraded version.  This is by far the best version!  Easy to use and great coffee.  No big deal to clean up between pots of coffee. Read full review »


Improvement over first generation, but not great

bymhb1954 Jan 5, 2012
14 Helpfuls 15 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Easier to clean, sleek
Cons Odd carafe, no grind adjustment, uses more beans, flat basket, flavor isn't that...
Recommended it? No

I bought the first generation of this coffee maker and couldn't deal with the mess that it made. It was a lot of work to take apart and clean. This version is sleeker, better, and easier to clean, but it has many quirks. I like the design of the basket and the basket holder, although it's flat, so... Read full review »


Messy and Complicated

bymixfamily Jun 25, 2011
16 Helpfuls 17 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Coffee is good. 
Cons Messy, confusing, complicated, too tall, and awkward.
Recommended it? No

I wouldn’t buy this or any other self-grinding coffee maker again. I expected less mess, but this is much messier than a normal drip machine, it’s complicated to use, and it’s accident prone. 
The extra mess comes from several directions.  There are extra... Read full review »


Liked our Melita better

bydocroc7 Jan 8, 2011
1 Helpfuls 2 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Stays hot for several hours after brewing without a warming plate.
Cons Requires often cleanings, and without a little ingenuity it makes weak coffee.
Recommended it? Yes

   After our Melita grind and brew started leaking every other pot we purchased the Cuisanart. So why didn't we just buy another Melita like we had? They quit making them. In comparing the two, this one is more mainenance in that it must be cleaned thoroughly and often or the water will... Read full review »


Cuisinart Grind and Brew DGB900BCU Coffee Maker: A Total Improvement

bypippadaisy Nov 14, 2010
32 Helpfuls 33 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros many improvements over older model
Cons still has a flat basket, huge coffee waster until you fine-tune
Recommended it? Yes

I spent over five years with my Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffeemaker DGB-500BK, I was fed up. What had seemed like a godsend at first had become a nightmare. The grinder parts got so difficult to remove that I would just wipe out the grinder in the machine, and finally, gave up on it altogether. So... Read full review »


breaks down

byearlep Sep 9, 2010
1 Helpfuls 2 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Nice style, not too big. Grind feature.
Cons Poor quality, unreliable, repair process, coffee good but not very hot.
Recommended it? No

This machine makes a nice cup of coffee but the grinder stopped working 3 months after I bought it. Decided to use pre-ground beans for a while and now even that doesn't work as the machine cycles on and off, spills water. I returned the machine this week AT MY EXPENSE to Cuisinart. I expect... Read full review »


cold coffee

bytederdmann Jul 30, 2010
Helpful? 1 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros less clutter
Cons Difficult to Clean, Poor Design, not a thermos
Recommended it? No

We have been brewing coffee with a Braun grinder for years and loved it, but we wanted less clutter and we were able to get rid of the grinder but not the carafe, because we had to continue using our Thermos one as it was easy to pour and keep coffee hot.  I am disappointed in... Read full review »


Definately gets me out of bed in the morning

bymccrary771 Feb 11, 2010
9 Helpfuls 10 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Looks great, good tasting coffee
Cons Bad design, breaks a lot, uses a lot of beans
Recommended it? No

My main complaint about this unit has to do with the design flaw.  We use the automatic timer and 4 out of 7 days we wake up to a continuous beeping and clicking because for some reason either the basket over-rotates or the metal door gets stuck and the coffee grinds bind up.  I know this... Read full review »


Grinder does not work properly

byjpc02043 Jan 1, 2010
1 Helpfuls 2 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Nice looking, makes good coffee, easy to use.
Cons Coffee grinder does not always work and it's very difficult to clean it out.
Recommended it? No

We have had our coffee maker for a year.  We only use it on the weekends.   About once a month, the grinder stops working and this is because the powder from the coffee grounds seems to get caked in the grinder.  The only way to get it out is to run hot water into the little opening... Read full review »



bytatianamktn Dec 28, 2009
Helpful? 1 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Stylish, Great Design
Cons Noisy, Poor Quality, Slow Brewing
Recommended it? No

It comes with built in water filter. It brews warm coffee. Coffee is plastic tasting, burned flavor. It is very noisy. Read full review »


Great tasting coffee!

byirinajrdn Dec 13, 2009
Helpful? 1 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Easy to Use, Fast Brewing, Stylish
Cons ok
Recommended it? Yes

Easy to operate. The coffee maker brews hot coffee. The coffee is delicious. I like that I  can control the strength of the coffee. Read full review »


A Very Good Cup of Coffee

bytdstyles Jun 21, 2009
14 Helpfuls 15 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Great Taste, Convenient, and Attractive
Cons Carafe, Auto Shut Off is Annoying, Very Loud
Recommended it? Yes

I really don't understand why there are so many negative reviews out there regarding this model. I have had my Cuisinart Grind & Brew DGB-900 12 Cup Coffee Maker for a little over a year now and have been a very satisfied customer. My wife and I put it on our registry when we got married so maybe... Read full review »


Now we're spoiled.

byinscan Apr 4, 2009
13 Helpfuls 14 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Great tasting coffee! Stays hot for the next person, three hours later.
Cons The grinder is a little loud at 2AM. Carafe pours slowly.
Recommended it? Yes

Our old Braun was on it's last leg, but had served us well. It was time for something new.
We've had the Cuisinart DGB-900BC for a week now. I had read the reviews and found a good sale price, but kept the receipt, just in case. But we are hooked.
Our old way of making coffee:
Empty used... Read full review »


Good coffee, but not without quirks.

bypepper99 Feb 11, 2009
23 Helpfuls 24 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Great coffee, reasonably easy maintenance and operation, all-in-one design negates need...
Cons Low brew temperature, absolutely silly caraffe design, small bean hopper, a bit of extra...
Recommended it? Yes

After having a great cup of coffee from a friends Cuisinart Grind and Brew over Christmas we purchased one ourselves.   It seemed like the ideal machine - fresh ground coffee, an "all in one" appliance, and the supposed good name of "Cuisinart" behind it all.

We're now torn on the whole... Read full review »


Makes the best cup of coffee

byonefungi_ Jan 12, 2009
2 Helpfuls 3 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Easy to use, sturdy, controls are intuitive, multiple options for different strengths. ...
Cons Doesn't stay "coffe hot" for hours.  Minimal maintenance.
Recommended it? Yes

We couldn't be happier with this machine.  It truely makes the best cup of coffee we have ever had.  Unfortunately it has turned me into a coffee snob and now, most of the time, I am not satisfied with coffee from other coffee makers.  I can really taste the difference between different types of... Read full review »


I expected better tasting coffee from Cuisinart Burr Grind and Brew

byjenniferkateab Dec 16, 2008
91 Helpfuls 92 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Brews coffee and functions mechanically as it should. Attractive & solidly built
Cons Lukewarm coffee, must warm carafe, grinder noise, can't grind without brewing right...
Recommended it? No

The performance of Cuisinart Grind & Brew reminds me of the saying: Pretty Is as Pretty Does. Unfortunately, Cuisinart needs to take another shot at coffee fame with this luxury model ~ in short, it does make coffee, but the fact is, the coffee is neither very hot, nor does it taste any better than... Read full review »


Short Term Coffee Fix

byfourcups Dec 1, 2008
1 Helpfuls 2 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Compact design fits nicely under cabinet. Looks good.
Cons Steam generated in coffee making is in line with grinder creating moisture in coffee...
Recommended it? No

After two units, and 4 months operation, I was thrilled that Bed, Bath and Beyond would take this unit back. The supplemental instructions recommend cleaning the burr grinder every few weeks. I decided to clean it every weekend. You have to (1) remove all of the beans from the hopper (2) lay it on... Read full review »


Fine coffee but complicated design!

byrsmg Nov 12, 2008
8 Helpfuls 9 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Multiple adjustments and coffee stays hot and fresh nicely in thermal carafe.
Cons Cleaning complicated grind 'n' serve apparatus. Carafe turns nearly upside down...
Recommended it? Yes

Bought this product looking for a quality brand to deliver the touted grind method and some cups of fresh coffee each morning. It does just that with a few pros and cons as detailed herein. Since only 15 words are allowed in each category, I'd just offer that cleaning the thing is a bit of... Read full review »


Best coffeemaker I've ever owned!

bytaralr Nov 7, 2008
12 Helpfuls 13 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Thermal pot keeps coffee hot all day without changing the taste, and very user friendly.
Cons If I HAD to think of something - re-usable filter takes longer to clean.
Recommended it? Yes

Love this coffeemaker, I won't ever go back to a glass pot after this! Coffee stays hot all day! Plus the coffee quality itself is excellent!

The grinder is an optional feature, you don't have to use it everytime you make coffee, as long as you have pre-ground beans on hand. This is a great... Read full review »

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Cuisinart® Grind & Brew™ 12-cup Automatic Coffee Maker

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The Cuisinart DGB-900BC is a fully programmable 12-cup coffeemaker that makes great tasting coffee for you entire family in jiffy. The automatic burr grinder in this 12-cup coffee maker grinds the coffee without ruining the original taste of the beans. The thermal carafe in this Cuisinart espresso maker has double walls to keep your coffee hot and fresh for a long duration. The grind-control function in this 12-cup coffee maker helps you easily program the amount of coffee you need to grind. Moreover, the strength selector in this Cuisinart espresso maker lets you choose the kind of coffee you prefer, mild, strong or regular. Additionally, the automatic shut-off functions helps turn off the Cuisinart DGB-900BC immediately after brewing.

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Total Price: $188.84

Cuisinart Chrome 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker - DGB900BC

8 Oz. Bean Hopper/ Burr Grinder/ Strength Selector/ Grind Control/ 24-Hour Fully Programmable/ 12-Cup Double-Wall Insulated Thermal Carafe/ Brew Pause/ Automatically Shuts Off/ Brushed Chrome Finish

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Total Price: $199.00

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Cuisinart Grind & Brew 12-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker - DGB900BC

Cuisinart Grind & Brew 12-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker - DGB900BC. Designed for your kitchen, this fully programmable coffeemaker boasts a burr grinder for superior coffee. It grinds the coffee without influencing the integrity of the bean, so the true flavor is maintained. The strength selector and the grind control functions fine tune intensity and volume, and the thermal carafe seals in heat and freshness so the last cup is as good as the first. It's never been easier to make a great pot of coffee! 8-oz. bean hopper with

Stock Availability: In stock
Base Price: $289.99 $199.99
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Total Price: $199.99

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