Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lo Lace-up Shoes for Men
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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lo Lace-up Shoes for Men

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  • Brand: All Star
  • Shoe Style: Athletic
  • Type: Lace-ups
  • Material: Canvas Rubber
  • Toe Type: Cap Toe
  • Heel Type: Low Heel
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Nice comfortable shoes. Not bad.

Pros Light, plain, comfortable, don't need to break them in.
Cons The sole is made weird. Mine, sadly, fell apart.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Overall, I liked these shoes.  Pretty good, plus they're very comfortable.  With a change of laces, they'd be perfect.  (Oh, and I hope my next pair isn't defective.)
I normally buy a different brand of shoe, but mine was out of stock. So, I tried this one. At first, I wasn't too thrilled with the shoe - but I was pleasantly surprised.

These shoes are available in a variety of colors. Very simplistic patterns, not flashy at all. It's a great shoe for someone who would rather not look like a circus clown wearing some rainbow colored shoes that glow 5 different colors in the dark.

These shoes are decently made, from what I thought. The materials of the upper are pretty solid, and durable - for the appearance. They do feel a bit flimsy in the hand, like they're lacking something. They're pretty decent overall. There's not too much cushioning in the inside - these are a basic pair of shoes. The plus side to the lack of extra material - comes in the weight and feel of the shoe. They're light.

Another thing I liked about these shoes - is the fabric of the upper. It's soft - unlike a leather or suede shoe. It doesn't really need any breaking-in. They wear like your favorite pair of shoes that you've had for the past year - even though they're brand new. I really appreciated that.

One thing I do NOT like about these shoes - are the soles. They're very thin, and very flexible. They literally wrap around things. Perfect examples of this - try climbing on a rock with these - a particularly pointy one. It'll feel like you're wearing near nothing.

The cushion of the sole is 1/2 molded to the bottom of the shoe, and 1/2 is a removable rubber insert - which I was horrified with.

Another annoyance - the laces. I've known how to tie my shoes since I was 5. These laces will NOT stay tied. No matter how tight I pull them, no matter how securely you knot them - they just unlace all on their own. After the thousandth time - it gets a little annoying. Makes me wonder - if this is an advertisement for the brand - needing to bring my foot up every 5 minutes to tie my shoe, and show everyoe - "HEY! I'm wearing Converse!"

Lastly, sadly - as much as I like these shoes - after about 2-3 months of use, the sole started to come apart. I'm a bit upset over it - and I would REALLY like to believe I just got a defective pair. I'm seriously hoping the next pair I get - stays intact for a few months longer.

Overall, they're great shoes. I'd give em another run.

Ah, and I nearly forgot to mention... they're cheap too.

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