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Strolling In Style

Pros Sturdy fabric<br>Easy set up and take down<br>Storage<br>Navigation and smooth handling
Cons Weight forty pounds<br>Car seat ventilation is poor<br>Short car seat visor
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:       Hands down best value for the price. With busy lives I love this Chicco CortinaTravel System stroller is tops in traveling with my children, durable, easy to use.
   Points we considered while shopping for a stroller:

1.  Price Range 
2.  Brand names
3.  Stroller type
4.  Harness points
5.  Weight
6.  Convenience Features

If your looking for superb form and function with a little bit of flair, then this is the stroller for you.  After weeks of researching various stroller options for the newest family arrival, we zoned in on the Chicco 30 Cortina Travel System.  Being a mom of four I am a seasoned critic of strollers of all types, and this one really shines.  This Chicco has outstanding functionality.  Initially our search began with top of the line baby carriages such as Peg Perego.  We found was this stroller is very comparable to these ritzy strollers for a fraction of the price. 

Price Range:    We looked at the Peg Perego they were upwards of $600.00, Chicco $260.00, Graco $200.00, and Eddie Bauer $160.00, before deciding on the Chicco KeyFit Stroller, because the High price of Peg Perego, the cheap price for cheap quality of the Eddie Bauer, and Chicco was better quality than the Graco.
 We now feel that our decision was right, because Chicco gave us so much more for less money than the Peg Perego, also better quality than the Eddie Bauer and Graco.

Brand Names:   If you want to do your own comparison shopping because my experience surprises you, Peg Perego, Chicco, Graco and Eddie Bauer are widely available.

Stroller Type:  Travel System is basically a car seat and stroller in one system. 

Harness Points:  "Five Point", Is found in well-made race cars or baby seats, making them safer and more restrictive.   "Three point", Are similar to lap belts with one single continuous length of belt used in a less durable baby seat.  Biggest selling point for me was the infant car seat has the five-point harness system and is so easy to use. (The base straps right into the car and the seat clicks in and out of the base, with the greatest of ease.  When I need to remove the system, with the press of a button the car seat releases from the base.  In other car seats I have had in the past I have spent more than five minutes trying to apply the harness or install and remove the car seat to the base just to have it stick without working as you need, wasting precious time.

Weight:  Con I prefer a lighter stroller where this is a heavy stroller, over thirty pounds. The pro is I can stroll a baby up to fifty pounds. The infant baby seat can go up to thirty pounds, which allows me to use it until my baby is ready to advance into a bigger car seat.

Convenient Features:  I absolutely love how you can set up the stroller by a handle and with the flip of the lever it unfolds and locks into place. So this way I am able to hold baby and set up baby carriage at the same time.  There are convenient drink holder and storage trays for parent and child, with a place for my keys, phone, and other items. Plus the material is made out of a fine but durable Italian fabric, always makes it a breeze when I wipe any spills.  Last but not least the handle adjusts for the height variances between tall or short users.  (This was a great feature as my husband being 6'3 and I am 5'3.) 
A problem to the car seat is it does not ventilate well, which causes the baby to get too warm, However, I found by removing the pillow insert it alleviates this problem.  I love how the car seat base can be used on a bench or bucket seat and has a level that shows if you have installed it correctly.  I appreciate this because it lets me know I have it in the correct way.

Safety Features:  The stroller has great wheel suspension and locking back wheels.  As a mom I made sure the stroller was free from parts that could pinch a child or cause a choking hazard, this one has my approval.  The wheels have a smooth motion when turning through shopping aisles or tight spaces, which I feel happy that I do not have to jerk the stroller around in frustration to get it to move.  I  can also use it on hills, curbs and large bumps, with out jolting the baby.

Overall I am very satisfied with the Chicco Travel System Standard stroller it was made to last, so we will definitely be able to use it for more than one child.  For the price, stylish design and many convenience and safety features, we found just what we were looking for with this stroller.

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