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Best camera an amateur can buy

Pros Small, portable, GREAT photos
Cons Expensive, settings can be confusing at first
Recommended it? Yes
I first came across the Canon PowerShot when my friend's mother gave it to her as a baby shower gift. It is by far the best camera I have ever owned. It is a point and shoot, with excellent zoom capabilities, and also a video feature. Many 2-in-1 still/video cameras are lacking in audio quality for video, but this one has excellent audio, as well as decent self-stabilization. I would say my only grievance is when shooting video at night you do not have a flash/lighting option for the video (this could also be my own operator error, and I have simply not figured that out yet!).

Previous cameras I have owned, most recently and Airtek (DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND EVER), do not capture still motion and pictures would come out blurry - the Canon PowerShot is an ace at capturing stills of moving objects. Although some bargain-hunters may frown at the price, I have never once regretted paying the amount my PowerShot cost - it's price has been returned to me 10-fold in the countless memories I was able to capture with a high-quality camera.

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