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Pros Fast auto focus, great movie mode, crisp pictures
Cons A tad expensive
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  I will not have to buy another camera for quite a few years!
I was heartbroken when my family and I went to a baseball game, and after setting my Canon Powershot S3 IS camera on the edge of my seat, it fell down from the stand and at least 4 feet onto the cement, smashing the lens and zoom on it, shattering the body, and basically the camera died that day. I was so upset (not only for the photos that were lost) but for the price I paid and the stupidity of myself of letting it carelessly out of my sight, that I moped for about two weeks. My husband knew that for Christmas we were just going to buy for the kids this year, but knowing that I was sad and that I was going to actually resort to one of our cheaper, or worse, throw away instant cameras for our holiday and upcoming vacation he went out and bought me the worlds best Christmas present ever!! He bought this from my wish-list without me knowing! Sneaky!!

And it was.....

The one, the only, Canon PowerShot A630 Digital Camera (The crowd hollers) !!! Speechless was the word and grateful was the feeling. I couldn't believe that he replaced my clumsiness with a more expensive, more advanced camera. But that is how much he loves ME! :)


PowerShot A630 is in the line of Canon's series of all-you-can-eat top of the line series. It consists of Canon's A530, A540, A620, A630, A640, and A710 these cameras all have similar features, but vary in size of Megapixels and zoom features. Inside the box, there was the camera of course, a wrist strap that helps you hold on to the camera, a user manual, a software cd-rom, 4 aa batteries, and A/V cable, a USB 2.0 High Speed Cable, and a 16 MB MMC Memory card to start you off with. My husband also had included an additional memory card so that we would not run out of memory space during the holidays and on our trip! (I will bring back photos, don't worry!) It is very light and portable and I have no fears whatsoever about dropping this one! It is very attractive and not only does the LCD screen show the photos that I want to keep or delete, but it is also in movie mode. It is not big and bulky the way some digitals are, yet has the power that a professional could use. This came ready to go and ready to use on the spot. I did not even have to charge it first!


Details? You don't need no stinkin' details! Just teasing. Of course I will give you left brained folks the specs on this fun little camera. It has 21 different shooting modes to select from, depending on where you are at and what you are doing. If you are at a Nascar race, or taking a portrait, you have a zoom for it! The auto focus is very fast, at 9 AF, and while it does have a manual focus as well, you probably won't have to use it very often. It automatically adjusts with the 4 X zoom and has a built in lens to protect your images. It knows when it is light outside, dark outside, if you are indoors, and will take a picture in low light without a blur. The flash has a range of 15 - 25 feet. It has red eye reduction and an 8 Mega Pixel resolution for lucid and beautiful pictures. If you take a picture, it shows the details of the background that you wouldn't even see with the naked eye, the pictures are sharp and the color is 100% accurate. Everyone seems to look more like themselves in the photos that I take of them, their best features (bright blue eyes, white teeth, freckles, etc) stand out and the perfected light makes every picture soft and alluring. The white balance options to select from when determining what frame you want the camera to be in, are: AUTO * DAYLIGHT * CLOUDY * FLASH * CUSTOM and from there you can go into the various speeds and zooms. The exposure options on the camera are: * AUTO * PROGRAM * SCENE * APETURE * PRIORITY * SHUTTER PRIORITY * MANUAL MODE * MOVIE MODE. The auto focus has Canon's state of the art system of Advanced Intelligent Auto Focus. The Auto Exposure Options are: * (SCENE) ~ PORTRAIT ~ LANDSCAPES ~ NIGHT SCENE and (SPECIAL SCENE)~ KIDS & PETS ~ FIREWORKS ~ SNOW ~ BEACH ~ UNDERWATER ~ INDOOR ~ NIGHT SNAPSHOT ~ COLOR SWAP & COLOR ACCENT. It is amazing the results that you get. You can take your own family portraits and save the hundred dollars that would go to a photography studio. You could do freelance on the side with this. Wedding photos, vacation photos, special days.

It can hold up to 400 pictures with the memory card, and the large LCD screen moves with the viewfinder to adjust the angles. You can upload your pictures onto your computer in JPEG form using Windows 98 and above(preferably with XP) or Apple Mac 059 and 05X. It has wonderful red eye reduction. The LCD screen is 2.5 inches that tilts and swivels at 180 degrees with the viewfinder horizontally (up and down) and 270 degrees vertically (side to side, or around) to find the best area to take the photo. It is very easy to use and quiet. It takes beautiful close ups with the fast zoom lens! No weird "looking through a peep-hole" distortions that close ups usually bring!

The Movie Mode is 640 X 40 with built in flash ISO speeds of 100, 200, 400, 800, 80. It has a built microphone and a built in speaker. If you want to created a video clip, you will have about 30 minutes available on one memory card. The stills are very slow, so when you are playing it back, it seems alot slower tahn what you watched while filming it. It is nice if you do not want to lug both your camera and your camcorder around with you. You can switch memory cards as well to save time.


I love this!! My dad was a professional photographer and I have always wanted to experiment with my creative side in the area of photography. While I do not know alot about the ins and outs yet, I do have a wonderful eye for what will make a great picture! I have been in the outdoors alot lately, with the snow falling, and this model takes gorgeous pictures that I feel would be award winning! It allows me to edit my pictures, and post them in Jpeg form to share with others. I like the easy, hands-free shooting, and the wide angles that is picks up. When you shoot the picture, you never know how wide the lens is going to reach until after you snap and see the mountains in the back, or the panoramic view. The wrist strap is wonderful, you can secure it while you shoot without having to worry that you may *gasp* drop it. I love the pictures that I have captured with my boys, and even taking pictures of our house that we are putting up for sale (the pictures make the house appear to be a little larger) and the colors are so dynamic! With the pictures I take, I am more of a background photographer. Which means, I look at the background before randomly taking a picture. I have an eye for what will look good, so this camera allows me more access to backgrounds than on the cheaper, less wide lens cameras.


I think if you want a camera that holds at least 400 pictures at a time, allows you to have the luxury of hands free shooting, and pictures that would make any photographer jealous, YES! If you rarely use your camera or do not opt for the built in features, then I would save our money.


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