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Pros This camera has a very high pixel ratio, designed to help improve quality.
Cons This camera is incredibly expensive and hard to use without a tripod. 
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  I would jump at the opportunity to buy this camera if I were you, simply because it helps you to deepen your photography skills.
I have not gotten the chance to buy this product, yet, but I most certainly will! I have rented one and used it accordingly. In doing so, I fell in love with the fast paced shutter, the video settings, the intensity of my photos, and ultimately the feel of the camera. I did not have to do much editing to the colors, nor the contrast of my photos once transfered to the computer because the camera kept them as I saw through the view-finder, in a real life aspect. The 7D brings about a new shutter feature, allowing for 8 frames-per-second shooting. This camera is fast with a fast processor, recording your images to your media card within seconds. The 7D also brings about a video feature, allowing for 1080p HD recording. The viewfinder gives 100% coverage to the photographer, allowing you to see all that you are preparing to photograph. The wireless flash control allows you to photograph yourself or others from a distance away from the camera. The 7D is also sealed, keeping wind, rain, sand, and other environmental factors from harming your camera. You should note that this camera was designed for someone who knows how to work a camera and not an amateur. 

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