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Canon Digital Elph Camera Accessory Kit 4: A Great Value For Essential Accessories

Pros three essential accessories, a good value
Cons none
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  I highly recommend this kit for any Elph owner with a compatible model. The included accessories are a must-have and the price is an excellent value.
My fiance and I always witness a domino effect with our purchases. If I find a great coupon code on a laptop, one laptop is purchased, followed by another, along with matching sets of memory, two chillpads, two mice, two laptop bags, and other accessories. My latest electronics purchase was no exception to this rule. I purchased a new camera in anticipation of our honeymoon trip to St. Lucia in October. My fiance reasoned that he should have a backup camera for such a once-in-a-lifetime event and purchase his own camera. Naturally, we needed all of the accessories. The Canon Digital Elph Camera Accessory Kit 4 was one of our purchases, being compatible with both of our new cameras.

The Canon Digital Elph Camera Accessory Kit 4 contains three accessories; a Canon Deluxe Leather Camera Case (PSC-55), a Canon NB-4L rechargeable camera case, and a metal neck strap.

The Canon Deluxe Leather Camera Case (PSC-55) is a small case that fits compatible Elph camera models perfectly. A bulky case would defeat the purpose of having an ultra-compact camera, and I'm glad this isn't a problem with this one. The camera still fits easily into a purse or a pocket when it is in the case.. The case is made from high quality leather that has a very rich feel to it. The one included in this kit is black in color. The case is very similar to a previous Canon case: PSC-90.

The case has a sleek and efficient design. A belt loop is located on the back of the case with a small flap on the front, which secures the camera when the case is closed. A magnet holds it closed. A metal adornment is located in the center of the flap with the Canon logo on it. A hole in the top of the case allows the included leather wrist strap to come through. This is my preferred method of holding the camera. The case doesn't leave any room for extra batteries or memory cards, which I keep in a key ring case that came with my San Disk Extreme III 2 GB SD Memory Card. Since I don't use the belt clip, I typically store an extra battery tucked away in the belt loop. This case protects the camera well, providing padding for impacts and preventing any cosmetic damage on the body of the camera.

The Canon NB-4L rechargeable battery that is included is the same model that is included with the compatible cameras. This small battery has a long life (all cameras I have had that used it have been able to squeeze 200-300 shots out of one charge) and recharges with your camera's battery charger. I always carry an extra on hand. While these batteries offer superior life to alkaline batteries, they aren't widely available in drugstores and supermarkets like AA batteries are. If you have an event and don't have time to charge it before, you'll be out of luck! Having a charged extra on hand will ensure that you always have plenty of power to shoot with.

Canon describes the included metal neck strap as "elegant." I'm not sure if I would go that far in my description, but it is nice for a neck strap. It was large enough for my fiance to wear and use the camera comfortably. Personally I'm more of a wrist strap girl, but if you like neck straps, I believe you'll find this one to be acceptable.

We purchased the Canon Digital Elph: Camera Accessory Kit 4 for my fiance's new SD1000, but it is compatible with my new (and old) cameras as well as other models. Compatible Canon Digital Elph models:
SD 400
SD 430
SD 450
SD 600
SD 630
SD 750
SD 1000
SD 1100IS

Price and Recommendation
The manufacturer's suggested price for this accessory kit (which is what is selling it for) is $64.99. This kit would have even been a great value at this price since the battery sells for $59.99 separately and the case sells for $19.99 on its own. The neck strap would be a nice freebie! I purchased this kit from for $46.95; less than the battery cost alone. I highly recommend picking this kit up!

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