Britax Marathon Cowmooflage Convertible Car Seat
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Britax Marathon Cowmooflage Convertible Car Seat

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  • Restraint System: 5-Point Safety Harness
  • Weight Limit: 5 - 5 lb.
  • Head Protection: No Headrest
  • Seat Type: Convertible
  • Height Limit: 19 - 49 in.
  • Seating Direction: Rear/Forward Facing
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How great it is!!!

Pros Safety, comfort, ease of use and FUN cover cannot be beat!!
Cons Ouch, my wallet hurts!!! Pricey
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  This seat is worth the money for it's safety, comfort, and fun look and a good place to splurge for your child if you are able.
Our daughter was getting ready to turn a year old and while she was still on the small side for weight, she was tall and needed to make the jump from her rear facing infant seat to a convertible car seat. We wanted the best on the market and did a lot of research on seats before buying, not just for safety or price, but also reading customer reviews for performance.

We were fortunate to find this seat at the Right Start in a store to pick up, though we considered ordering on-line, and there are many great stores out there that will ship for free and not charge tax to save money on this purchase. Our concern was if something was wrong with the seat and it needed to be shipped back.

First, this seat cover just looks so fun. Our daughter loves animals and cows, and she was fascinated by the fabric. Since she is not a fan of being in a carseat to begin with, anything helps. Second, the material is plush and soft to the touch, and she looks very comfortable in it. The cover is very easy to remove for cleaning. We have two much older children and remembered that issue being one of our biggest headaches in their old seats, so this was a big deal to us.

The straps have extra fabric cushioning her neck and at the croch area around/behind the buckle. No more red marks on her neck when she falls asleep against the belt and her head rests on the seat. The straps also have a rubberized surround on each of them that spans the height of her torso (for now) which keeps the straps from twisting--also something that was always a nightmare with old seats---and they also have velcro to attach them to the cover when you take your child out, which was a nice extra. My only complaint is that I miss the loud "click, click" her old infant seat made as I snapped the buckles together as an audible affirmation that I did get it locked. I now double check by pulling the straps to be sure they have locked in. If I could change something about the seat, that would be it. The adjustment for the five point harness is a lift and pull system with fabric neatly hiding it a few inches from the buckle, and we liked this as opposed to the exposed button on the Roundabout.

The tethering system is unlike anything we have ever seen and was impressive and elaborate and effective. It is a shame that all manufacturers are not required to use this more extensive tethering in all their seats; our daughter's infant seat did not sit as securely. Even under a very slight amount of force to tighten the tethering belts, the seat did not budge. The seat also has two positions, and being able to recline our daughter while she is still little and tends to fall asleep in the car is really nice. The entire installation was very easy, however this is our third child, our fourth or fifth car seat, and my husband has training as a volunteer fire fighter to install the seat---check with a technician trained to install car seats to either put it in or double check your work.

The seat itself is big but will fit a child up to 65 lbs, so longevity with this seat is an important feature when you consider the price tag. While this seat can be used rear-facing with a younger infant, I would have missed having an infant seat with a handle, so this is the perfect seat for our daughter to take her next step while riding in our car. If you can afford to splurge or want a recommendation on where to spend extra money to go a long way, I highly recommend spending it on this seat and any of the fun cover choices Britax offers to make riding in the car as safe, fun, and comfortable as possible for your little one!

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