Braun FreeControl 1775 Cordless Rechargeable  Men's Electric Shaver
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Braun FreeControl 1775 Cordless Rechargeable Men's Electric Shaver

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  • Gender: Men
  • Connectivity: Cordless
  • Rechargeable: Yes
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I love this little razor.

Pros Inexpensive, great battery life, works while plugged in, can get wet.
Cons It takes a long time to get certain spots. Noisy.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  If you can afford $100 for a fancy razor, don't mess with this one. Otherwise, this is highly recommended. Works great, and is very reliable and cheap.
When I shave with a real blade, even a brand new "mach-3", I get ingrown hairs all over my neck. This razor was the least expensive I could find. It takes a lot of massaging and persistence to get some spots, especially on my neck, but I've never had any trouble getting the job done. With no sores on my neck, either. I've actually found that this foil razor nicks me much less (almost never) than the rotary I had before.

I had a Remington cheapo rotary razor and I would always run out of battery half-way through my shave. It would not work until it had been recharged. This razor, however, is great. The battery lasted a very long time, and if it dies, I just plug it in and keep going.

I won't argue with the comments in the other reviews. It does take a little time to get used to the weaknesses of this razor, but once you do, it works great. I have been using the same one (with the same blade) for two years. The battery still works like new (I always let it run down completely before plugging it in) and I have learned some tricks to getting my trouble spots. (The trimmer really helps with the trouble spots.)

The small body of this razor is really light and a comfortable fit in your hand. Much nicer than the bulky rotary razors I've tried.

I admit it is tempting to get a nicer razor that would give me a faster shave, but I'm a poor father in college, and I just don't think it is possible to get a better shave for the money. I am looking at reviews right now because I'm trying to find a blade. Hopefully I'll get another two years out of the next one. It will probably cost more than the razor itself.

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