Boudreauxs Allnatural Butt Paste 2 Oz. (K392860)
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Boudreauxs Allnatural Butt Paste 2 Oz. (K392860)

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  • Brand: Boudreauxs
  • Type: Baby Health and Hygiene
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This cream saved my darlin's behind!

Pros Wipes off easily.  It's natural.  It works.
Cons The cream is a little thin in viscosity.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line: 

For the price, it works very well. 

My poor baby girl had a serious case of diaper rash after being at the sitters one day.  She was bright red, fire engine red, scared-out-of-my-mind-what-the-heck-happened? kind of red.  I took her the doctor and they prescribed "Happy Hinney" cream, the cream is only available at People's Rx and was 40 dollars!  One little tube of special butt cream - 40$!  I used the cream, the whole tube, and she was not completely healed.  I was afraid that if she stayed red and went to the sitter again, she would get worse and I would be back at square one. 

I had been using Balmex cream and with this incident, used all of it up along with the prescribed cream.

I found Bourdeaux's cream next to my usual cream and the package caught my eye "ALL NATURAL"!  I've been on this organic kick so I grabbed the Bourdeaux's All Natural Butt Cream.  Bonus: it was on sale for 3.99$.

After one day of applying the cream at every diaper change, her skin dramatically improved.  It's also important to let the skin DRY completely after wiping with a warm cloth, don't use soap or wipes. 

This is my favorite cream now.

The tube looks small, but the viscosity is thinner than the Balmex cream, so a little goes a long way.  I only need a small pea sized blob to cover baby's bottom.

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