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Not a bad machine overall (BV 4000)

Pros Good blowing power - Average vacuum power for it's size.
Cons Could use clearer instructions for bag installation.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  I would rate this model as average at this time. (I have only had it a few months. Don't have a long term history yet.)
I bought this leaf hog blower to replace the previous B&D leaf hog (BV2500, type 3). The BV4000 works fine as a blower. It has two speed settings and claims to generate a wind speed of 230 mph.

As a vacuum, it works similarly to the BV2500 as far as its efficiency is concerned. If you have a large pile of leaves, it's probably better to pick up some of the debris by hand as the vacuum power isn't all that powerful to spend trying pick up too much debris at once. The system comes with a shoulder strap as the bag may get a little heavy when vacuuming leaves.

The instructions have small diagrams which make it difficult to see exactly how the bag is attached to the plastic bag holder (which is molded into the plastic vacuum tube.)

You have to push the bag into the inside rim of the bag holder and use your fingers if necessary to make sure the bag is snapped inside correctly. Then, push the bag in far enough so the plastic snap finally catches in place.

(I finally found a PDF version of the Black & Decker instruction sheet that was magnified enough to see the detail of the bag and bag holder; so then I could finally see how this was supposed to go together.)

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