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We love this potty seat!

Pros fits any toilet, easy to put on and take off, nice shape, easy to clean
Cons it's an added expense that you might be able to do without
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  This is a product I am totally happy with and recommend to everyone! Adjusts to any toilet and easy to clean. What more could you want?
When my daughter (who is now 5) was potty training, we started out with one of the potties that convert to a step stool and also attach to the toilet. While it worked fine as a stand-alone potty seat, I was not at all happy with how it worked with the big toilet. So I ended up buying a Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer using an online coupon. I got such a great deal that even if it hadn't worked well, I wouldn't have lost out. At the time, I didn't realize what a great deal I was getting! Wow, this potty seat is GREAT! I would've happily paid three times what I did if I'd known how good it was.

First and foremost, this seat will fit any toilet. It has little dials underneath that you can adjust to fit your particular toilet. If you are going to grandma's or on a trip and want to take the seat with you, just adjust it to fit the toilet where you are. Very easy to do and not a feature you find in other seats as far as I know. A problem we had with the 3-in-1 potty we started out with is that the seat was so difficult to remove from the toilet once it was attached. The Baby Bjorn fits perfectly yet comes off easily. This is important when trying to teach your child some independence in the bathroom, which leads me to the next thing I love about this seat...

...the handle in the back. It seems like a minor little add-on but it's really handy! I attached a plastic hook (the kind that sticks on) to the side of our bathroom cabinet so the potty seat could be hung there right by the toilet. It was always within reach but out of the way and my daughter could get it herself. She soon learned to put the seat on when she needed it and to hang it back up when she was done.

This seat also has a great ergonomic shape. For boys, the front has a built-in deflector but it doesn't stick up so far as to be a danger to ones private parts. It doesn't have handles but I found that once my daughter was big enough to get up on the big toilet, she didn't need to hold on to anything anyway. The fact that is has such a nice, smooth shape with no handles or detaching parts means it's very easy to clean!

There's really nothing I dislike about this seat. It does cost a bit more to buy a small potty and then move to a separate potty seat for the big toilet but I think this seat it totally worth the extra expense. It has served us well and is still in great condition for my son to use when he's old enough.

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