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Apple Redefines the Quintessential Mouse

Pros Slim design; wireless; Works well; few moving parts!
Cons Scrolling almost too senative.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Get One!
Like most computer users I have to admit that I would be lost without my mouse.  Keyboard shortcuts are fine, but there is limit to their usefulness. Where they leave off the trusty mouse steps in; there is just no way to quickly and accurately navigate a GUI without a good mouse. 

Until very recently I was avowed Windows users and of course that means I am used to the stalwart two-button mouse with the now essential scroll wheel for navigating those ever lengthy web pages.  So, when I cracked open my new Apple iMac 21.5” Desktop Computer I was taken aback by the Apple Magic Mouse contained therein.  After all there are no buttons, no back and forward buttons, no scroll wheel; how was I supposed to use this small white wireless mouse?  Very well as it turns out.               

Apple Magic Mouse

The slim Apple Magic Mouse is a multi-touch (laser) input device that found it beginning with the iPhone and represents the world’s first Multi-Touch mouse.  The device is now standard with all new iMac’s and communicates with the computer via Bluetooth wireless technology. 

First Impressions: 
It took me all of a few hours to get used to the Apple Magic Mouse and I love the thing now.  And I have to wonder why can’t my Windows mouse do what this little intuitive white mouse can do?   To be sure some of the mouse’s basic functionality mirrors that of a traditional mouse; e.g. right-click to bring up a menu, single and double-clicking to launch programs. 

But that is where the comparison ends.  I love the Multi-touch technology built into the mouse; the effortless on finger scrolling up and down a page, the double finger swipe that allows me to switch from my full-screen Windows 7 Virtual Machine (VM) to the iMac desktop and back again, and the single finger swipes that allow me to move back and forth through web pages.

Surprisingly the Apple Magic Mouse’s shape was not an issue for me.  The mouse fits nicely in my palm; it is just the right length and width.  All surfaces are nicely rounded and the mouse feels comfortable even after hours of continual use. 

There are some issue with automatic scrolling however, that is the web page will start scrolling without any gesturing or finger movements at all on my part.  That can be very annoying if I am trying to concentrate on one area of the page.  But overall I am very satisfied with the Apple Magic Mouse.

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