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Wonderful product

Pros Fast, virtually painless, thoroughly removes all hair, shaver and travel case included
Cons hurts a bit when epilating underarms, corded would have preferred it to be cordless
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  An efficient way to get rid of hair without the mess of waxes, the expense of electrolysis, or the drudgery of daily shaving.
I came on here last November and researched the epilator reviews. I really wanted one for Christmas.
I've tried everything in the last 6 months for something to replace shaving. I was using wax strips made in France, and they seemed to work pretty well, although they did leave some of the shorter hair behind. Then my local store discontinued these, so I tried the Sally Hansen ones. Those things just didn't work as well. They did not seem to pull out the hair and I was going over and over the same area, which resulted in a lot of irritation. Tried NADS and thought it was okay at first, then the mess got to me. Washing out hairy cloth strips was a nuisance as was cleaning up the goop from my work area. Tried a hot wax kit, and hated that as well. It took forever for the wax to heat (1/2 hour)and I'd always pull the strips and leave behind thick layers of wax on my skin in some places. With all those methods of waxing I was unable to wax my bikini line. It hurt and I was just not very good at removing the hair there.
At one point I remembered my 20 year old epilady classic somewhere in my drawer. Found it, plugged it in and went for it. Oh the pain! Managed to get through both legs and was mostly pleased with the results. However, I knew the technology had improved since I received my epilady so many years ago and there were better alternatives in epilators. So I signed onto this site and checked out the different brands.
I had decided on a few possibilities. None of them being the Emjoi Optima. But as it was nearing close to Christmas, my husband pressing me for what I wanted. I just happened to have a Sharper Image catalog in front of me and there it was. I told him just to buy that one.
Christmas morning I opened my Emjoi Optima. The travel case is very nice. It's a cream colored padded hinged case with latch. Inside is the epilator with the epilator head and cover attached, a foiled shaving head with cover in its own compartment, a round loofah pad it its own compartment, a detachable power cord in its own compartment (this is not a cordless model unfortunately), a small cleaning brush and instruction booklet. The head on the epilator is pretty large with gold opposing tweezer heads and a center ridge to help hold the skin taut while tweezing I suppose. I don't find that this center ridge really makes that much of a difference. The unit has two speeds and is a slide switch. High for coarse hair such as for the bikini line and normal for areas such as the legs. The unit is a light cream and gold in color.
I plugged in the unit and began to epilate my legs. The tweezing barely hurt! It was more like tiny stings. However, since I had been using my old Epilady for a month, this may have had something to do with the lack of pain. I finished up my legs in about 20 minutes. Subsequent uses are much shorter in duration as I am used to the unit now.
I then went for the bikini line. While it stung a bit more, I did not feel the pain I was expecting. It was so much easier to use then the waxing strips I had tried before. With subsequent use I found I really don't feel much, if any, pain while using it on my bikini line anymore.
The underarms....Okay. This still kind of stings. I kind of grin and bear it. But because I do it on a regular basis, the pain range is definitely coming down now. Still the first time I tried that, I could not finish. Decided to use the shave head instead. The shaving head is nice. Works well, cuts nice and close. It's a good alternative if you don't want to epilate. The heads are very easy to snap on and off. It's a breeze to change them.
I highly recommend this product. I am very pleased with it. My hubby also bought me the after epilation lotion but I don't really need it. My legs are nice and smooth and this thing grabs the shortest hairs! (Unlike my old Epilady) You can safely use this on almost anywhere on your body.
Just a few tips....don't give up after the first time and throw it in a drawer. Whatever pain you feel will subside after a few times of using it. Mine subsided after just one use. Remember to use the loofah every time in the shower to get out all the dead skin cells. This will release any ingrown hairs. You don't want an ingrown hair! Shower first, epilate second. Make sure your body is dry before you epilate.
Now to sell my hot waxer on ebay! I no longer have a razor in the shower and I don't deal with waxes and strips. I use my Optima about every three days to touch up and it takes a matter of minutes. For the first time in my life my legs and underarms are always hair free and smooth and my bikini line is always ready for a swimsuit!

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